Patient Testimonials



“I was looking for a solution to my chipped tooth and Dr. Saidara was the professional that answered my call!  He and his team were absolutely dedicated to helping my situation.  Without his care, I would have never possessed the confidence to smile like I do now.  Thank you doctor!”

-Laura M.


“I had a very noticeable tooth stain as result of my coffee drinking and it made me want to avoid socializing.  With the help of Dr. Saidara and his amazing veneers treatment, I was back on my feet and looking forward to showing off my smile.  Every second under his care was well worth the money!”

-Wes K.


“No one has dedicated as much effort into improving my teeth as Dr. Saidara.  I thank him every time someone compliments my beautiful smile!”

-Kelsey H.

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Dr. K. Ron Saidara is Lancaster based cosmetic dentist who has successfully placed thousands of porcelain veneers for patients of all ages.